Taking into account the fact that the confectioneries manufactured by our Company have won the love of customers for more that 70 years of the Company’s existence, they are sold by many large retail chains.

Want to buy some high-quality milk chocolate or natural nuts in chocolate coating for your family? Then welcome to a supermarket owned by one of our partners (see list of partners above). Surprise your family with excellent classic sweets, treat your child to chocolate covered natural dried fruit without being afraid for his or her health. We can guarantee that among our confectioneries you will always find something for yourself that will make you a true fan of our sweets for a long time.

If you own some points of sale and want to expand your product range, please do not hesitate to contact our exclusive distributor – the Ozersky Souvenir Trade Company. Selling our confectioneries will be your another competitive advantage, since Ozersky Souvenir confectionery are very popular with people from all walks of life. The production facilities are constantly expanding, as does the confectionery products range; we try our best to satisfy the growing demand for top quality sweets made of natural ingredients. When selling our products, you will have a guarantee that your clients will come back to you again and again to buy milk and black chocolate, as well as various sweets and confectionery items. And what if you are not in Russia? It’s not a problem, our products are available from retail chains in other countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Abkhazia. We are always interested in cooperation and are ready to offer confectionery products for sale to other countries worldwide as well.