The creation of delicious sweets is like magic, resulting in unique sweet works of art with an unmatched taste, into which the pastry masters of our "sweet" company put their love and hearts.

As you might guess, the first violin in a symphony of taste in our Orekhovichi series is played by nuts. Having a unique combination of nutrients and minerals, the nuts have long been successfully used in the confectionery industry. Their rich flavor, high content of protein, vitamins and minerals – all this is Orekhovichi sweets, which have already been highly appreciated by both little and big fans of high-quality sweets. In our chocolate we use only the choicest nuts which are "dress up" in chocolate coating by our skillful masters and even get funny patronyms, becoming delicious Hazelnut Petrovich, Cashew Glebovich and Almond Ivanovich.

Shall we have Cashew Glebovich for our morning tea? This phrase will cause a smile and positive emotions, which in combination with exquisite flavor of Orekhovichi sweets will give you optimism and energy for the whole day.