Kids love chocolate, and we did everything to male this delicacy not only tasty but also useful for kids. O'Zera Kids and Kids Striped are products created especially for the youngest chocolate fans. The optimum cocoa-to-milk ratio is a guarantee of a bright taste and rich flavor every kid will like. The product is made only from top-quality ingredients, which is a key requirement for all foodstuffs intended for child consumption. The formula does not allow the use of artificial flavorings, colors and sweeteners. In contrast to ordinary chocolate, our Kids Chocolate has increased milk content over 25%, which is extremely useful for children, being source of calcium necessary for the kids’ growth and development. Another characteristic feature of our sweets for kids is their original look: instead of ordinary bar shape this product has a shape of cube consisting of classic milk chocolate or milk and white chocolate. This combination will not leave any little foody indifferent.