Our Company is pleased to present a new series of chocolate cubes – O'Zera Gourmet with cacao content varying from of 72% to 97.7%. According to international classification, all the Gourmet chocolate (and we make six types of it), is referred to as bitter chocolate. This fact makes it immediately recognizable in the Russian market, because the genuine biter chocolate is a rarity in this country. O'Zera Gourmet is not just another collection of chocolate cubes. This elite chocolate is for gourmets and lovers of rare tastes, because this product is unique in our market. Why is that? It's very simple: O'Zera Gourmet is a sort of chocolate the experts call Single Origin. For the production of this type chocolate they use cocoa beans taken from one growth region, which allows you to obtain a special taste of the finished product with the some characteristic flavors characteristic only for certain varieties of cocoa. While for the production of ordinary, though high-quality, chocolate, a blend of several varieties of cocoa is used. Single Origin phrase is synonymous with top-class chocolate in the world, and now we made such chocolate available for you. Having created O'Zera chocolate cubes by traditional technology, we decided to take it a step further and to open for chocolate fans in our country the genuine and pure taste of different varieties of cocoa as they were created by the nature.