Since ancient times, people used dried fruit as the off-season food to improve their health and get a vitamin boost. In ancient China, dried fruits were considered a valuable gift, for example, dried apricots expressed a wish of success and prosperity.

There is a well-known saying that ‘dried fruit is a fruit that acquired wisdom’. However, Ozersky Souvenir decided to step away from official path with this source of vitamins by carefully putting our hearts and our humor into useful sweets.

The Fruktovichi sweets are whole dried fruit covered with chocolate coating. Individual packaging and original names will bring you joy, and for children they will certainly become the favorite sweets. The Fruktovichi family members are Kuraga Petrovna, Chernosliv Mikhailovich, as well as Cherry Vladimirovna, Strawberry Nikolaevna and Pineapple Denisovich, each of them having its own patronymic. Their names explain their ingredients and speak for their Russian personality and playfulness.

Dried fruit of the Fruktovichi family are more useful that any other sweets, because they also give you great mood and smile.