The Ozersky Souvenir company produces over 100 various confectionery products. Our product range includes chocolates with various cocoa content, classic chocolate sweets, chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit, marmalade, sweets with fruit and nut filling. Despite such a great choice, a special place in our product range has been for years occupied by natural sweets – chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit. The main characteristic feature of these sweets is that they are absolutely healthy.

Firstly, these sweets do not contain any unnecessary ingredients – only dried fruit or nuts, and chocolate coating we are proud of, because in many aspects its quality even exceeds the Russian standards. Secondly, nuts and dried fruits are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and have natural sweetness. And thirdly, our suppliers of dried berries, fruits and nuts are only trusted and reliable companies. We use only the highest quality raw materials, so we can guarantee that our healthy sweets can be recommended to all those who care about their health.

It is also important that our sweets, which are chocolate covered nuts, fruits or berries, do not contain animal products, so they can be eaten by vegetarians, fasting Orthodox Christians or other people who for one reason or another refuse to eat animal products.