Our enterprise - Ozersky Souvenir Company – has been producing high quality confectioneries for more than 70 years. We are manufacturers of chocolates and other sweets, and our key priority is high quality of products. The source of our pride is that we have developed many new products in the Russian confectionery market, in particular, we were the first to produce dried fruit and nuts in chocolate coating having the shape of real sweets. Our Company does its best to be one step ahead of other confectionery manufacturers and is the undisputed market leader in a number of performance indicators.

All products manufactured under the Ozersky Souvenir brand name are certified and comply with Russian standards, and in some respects even exceed them. We try to use modern technology and to meet the market requirements, but we do not forget about long-established traditions of the Russian chocolate manufacturers. The love of consumers that our products have won is a direct evidence that the Ozersky Souvenir Company is successful at doing its job.


and high quality
of ingredients

facilities are located in a clean,
non-polluted area

State-of-the-art equipment and unique technology

Every year we win awards and participate in exhibitions
and trade fairs

Our sweets are healthy and have excellent taste